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November 15, 2017

Comic Book Storage Done Right

Comic storage box



If you are new to comics or are in the mood of giving them as gifts to your loved ones, you may not be sure of the proper storage solutions. Or you may be a lover of comics and your growing collection is starting to take over your closet or is slowly gaining some unwanted dust.

With a little dusting and organizing you will be a storing your comics like a pro, or should we say like a superhero!

Are you a serious Bagger?

If you want to keep your comics in pristine condition you will need to bag them and board them. You can purchase comic sized transparent bags at your local comic store. A board , this could be cardboard or plastic, is then placed behind the comic. This will prevent damage and any harm that may happen while in storage or transporting. More importantly this will keep the moisture out.


Or a simple Boxer?

If you are going to be storing your comics in boxes, go for thick and sturdy. Some are made specifically for comics and will fit like a glove. We recommend these made from corrugated cardboard. One box fills about 200 comics. Don’t worry if you have a ton of comics, these boxes are made to take large amount of weight and can be stacked. If you are worried about your box getting wet you can always purchase corrugated plastic.

If you have a small collection and just want to be safe, you can also try a plastic accordion file folder.


Store smart with Storage Depot™.