Retail Centers in Texas

Spaces provided for you by a name you know and can trust

Getting a business started can be a risky proposition, you can end up engaged in lengthy leases, or realize that perhaps you got more space than you really needed. Well, we’re here to help you with that. Storage Depot™ offers fully-fledged retail spaces for rent. These include parking spaces, signage, and of course, space for storage to keep your business properly stocked. Worried about fluctuating inventory? There is additional storage at the back of select retail locations.

Getting Started

Are you a small business owner with a cluttered workspace, trying to make a living? Do you have stock beyond what your current space will allow you to store comfortably? Are you starting to think you need a physical storefront but are concerned with the overhead such rentals may entail? Let us help you. Our full-sized retail locations can give you the edge to get your business off the ground. Whether you need to be able to greet clients face to face, or simply need a larger, dedicated workspace for projects, we offer it all.

Business Credentials

Our commitment to helping local and small businesses grow comes from our own success, and we’re more than happy to share. If you’re worried the costs might be too much, it doesn’t cost anything to simply look at our available locations and pricing. We know how tough it can be to get a leg up when you’re just starting out, we’ve done so ourselves. Contact one of our professional representatives today to find the retail spaces nearest you, and let our experience benefit your business.

Service on Demand

Worried that you might need more space? We’re here to help you. Our customized business solutions can find a location that’s right for you, not every one of our retail offers is identically sized, after all, and we do not want to cost you any valuable profit on a space you don’t need. You can always rent the attached climate controlled space to add to the overall size of your business significantly. There’s nothing that helps you confront the challenges of running your own business like having the right resources. Rest assured, we will find a solution that fits your business, all you have to do is ask.

Small Business Spotlight

Storage DepotTM is not just another facility. We offer retail storefronts to give small businesses the edge they need to thrive. Our shopping center is modeled with small businesses in mind to keep your overhead costs low as you grow your small business. Our Burleson location has 20 retail and office spaces located on Hidden Creek Parkway. To help our retailers prosper we are starting a Small Business Spotlight on our blog. We will feature one of our retailers regularly to let our readers know more about the variety of services offered at the Hidden Creek Business Center in Burleson, TX.