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January 9, 2018

How to store a Refrigerator

How to store a Refrigerator

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If you are moving a refrigerator or plan on storing it, these are the absolute must tips to keep your fridge and house smelling its best.

First most, you must never lay a fridge down on its side. This will cause the gas and oils to be displaced and run. This may cause your refrigerator to not get as cold or possibly not run at all.

Before your move, the best practice is to properly clean your refrigerator. After throwing away your food items, a deep clean is necessary. More importantly, after a good wipe down is making sure the refrigerator fully dries. This could take up to two days because there is still a lot of moisture hiding behind the walls. Unplug the refrigerator so that there is no moisture being produced after. We recommend lining the fridge with newspaper to attract any other moisture that may be left behind. Place an object on the door seal to block the door from fully closing and allow a wide gap to let air to circulate and prevent mildew. You may need sturdy tape to hold this in place. If you want a nice natural sent to fill your fridge, you can always place an open tin of coffee inside and add another one to the freezer.

If you are storing your refrigerator for a long period of time, we recommend a climate-controlled space. If it is cold, snow and mildew can cause parts of the fridge to rot and smell. Too much moisture could ruin the interior fans. Too much heat can damage the seals. After time, this will mess up the way the door closes.

Follow these simple procedures and you will keep your fridge and other appliances from dying.

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