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January 25, 2018

250 Things you will feel happier without in 2018


It is a proven fact, winning a fight against clutter is to ultimately make it a habit of life. LET STUFF GO!

This means you must get used to letting stuff go every day. That may sound hard after the first week, but there’s more to it than that old sweater you will never wear. Start with this simple habit. Grab a bin or two and do this.

  1. Empty a large bin
  2. Throw in a few things that you haven’t used in years.
  3. Have a donation bag
  4. A recycling bag
  5. And a trash bag (of course)

Every week make it a habit to visit your local Goodwill or resale shop.

You can always add more things in specific bags. The important thing is making it a habit to get rid of something small every day. Become a regular face at the donation center. Within time all that clutter will disappear.

Remove clutter to clear your area

Let go of 6 items a day to be on your way

Letting go of 6 things every day for a year will be over two thousand fewer things.

Before you know it you will be a pro at letting stuff go. You will get a small rush of excitement every week saying goodbye to all that stuff you don’t need. This will make it ten times easier to get rid of the big stuff when that time comes.

Start with the small stuff, all those out of date clothes, the unwanted decor, will transform your space and mind. Keep up this practice and it will help you say bye to more things than ever. It will also keep you in the right state of mind for a continuous clutter-free life.

If you are drowning in the clutter we can not recommend this life-changing habit enough. When you run out of the things you see everyday dig into those drawers. Are your cabinets filled leaving no space for all your cups? Donating a few may help. While you’re waiting on the oven to preheat, grab that annoying cord in your drawer and toss it in the bin. Every time you do it, you will feel a little bit better and a small sense of pride in yourself and your now cordless free drawer.

To help you get an even better start we have included a list to help you on your way.

We hope this helps and we wish you the best on tackling your clutter, one day at a time.

  1. Old planners
  2. Outdated nail polish
  3. Unused Keys and locks
  4. Unknown keys
  5. Expired discount cards and coupons
  6. Unused perfume
  7. Electronic manuals
  8. Gloves with holes
  9. Clothes with broken zippers
  10. Multiple flip flops
  11. Expired medicines
  12. Spices
  13. That stuff in the freezer- you know
  14. Pan lids that don’t match
  15. Rusty tools

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