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February 27, 2018

5 Items that Need Climate-Controlled Storage

5 Items That need Climate-Controlled Storage

5 Items that need climate control

There are several items that need special attention when being placed in a Storage Unit.

Most items can be sensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuation.

What is climate-controlled storage? It is a storage unit that is indoor and is kept at a temperature between 55F-85F year around. This also maintains a consistent humidity level. To help you decide if you may need a climate control unit here are some items that need climate-control to prevent any damage.

Wood furniture

1)Wooden Furniture

If exposed to moisture over time, wood will crack, warp, or even worse, rot. If you are storing wooden furniture like tables and chairs or end tables, having a climate-controlled unit is necessary. Getting a climate control unit also means you are getting humidity control.

Leather furniture

2) Leather Furniture

Leather is extremely sensitive to temperature swings of hot and cold. Even if you are storing in an area that doesn’t have any major temperature changes, we recommend getting a climate-controlled unit for pricey leather pieces.

Collectors items

3) Special Collection


Coins should be kept as close to a constant temperature as possible. Too much exposure to humidity can speed up the oxidation process, which will start to ruin the metal in coins. Copper and silver are at high risk of tarnishing. This will cause the coins to become very dark.


If moisture can find its way to the flimsy pages of comics, damage is defiant. If you want to preserve your collection a climate-controlled unit is key. Having a unit is a great way to keep up with your growing collection. For more tips on comic storage, click here.

Musical instruments

4) Musical Instruments

Whether you plan on storing your precious instruments short term or long term, climate-control is a must.


Acoustic guitars are a very good example of an instrument that can get damaged easily if exposed to too much humidity. The strings can also snap when kept in the wrong conditions. A good rule to consider is if you wouldn’t be comfortable sleeping in the environment, don’t store your instrument there.

Files and documents

5) Business Documents & Inventory

When it comes to file storage it doesn’t matter if you have your documents in boxes or plastic bins. Getting a climate control unit is the only thing that is going to prevent humidity ruining the documents. Over time it will cause fading, discolor, or could even dissolve when exposed to moisture. It is also a good idea to get a climate control unit as well for your inventory. This will keep your product in the best quality condition.

If you have some other items that are questionable, a quick chat with a facility manager will help you get exactly what kind of storage you need.

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