February 12, 2020

Storing clothes in a storage facility

Storing Clothes In a Storage Facility

The Guide

As seasons turn and the time comes to stock up old and outgrown clothes we often find it difficult to start the process. Often times, we don’t know what we need or what process we should follow to get things started. Here is a simple, definitive guide on how to stock clothes for storage.

The Most Important Thing To Do

Regardless of the type of clothes being packed up or the duration in which you would like to put them up for storage, there is ONE universal rule: WASH ALL CLOTHES BEFORE PACKING. Different agents and residues left on clothes for storage will not only cause irreversible damage to that specific item but affect the rest of batch and the entire unit. It is imperative to make sure that all clothes are thoroughly cleaned for storage. You can be rest assured that when you decide to pick them up, your apparel will be crisp, fresh and clean.

What You Need

Next on the list is choosing what kind of packing and type of storage unit would be optimal for the job.
Contact the nearest Storage Depot to request for storage supplies that are essential such as plastic containers with clip-on lids and supplies for vacuum sealing. Make sure you store your clothes in a facility like Storage Depot, somewhere clean, safe, and secure.

The Steps You Need To Organize

Depending on the amount of apparel you have, there are also different ways to fold your clothes. For small amounts, it is recommended that you stick to the generic square fold for shirts and bottoms. However, to maximize the space in your plastic containers, consider using the regular square fold for bottoms and rolling up shirts. This will decrease the area needed for a large amount of clothes. When it comes to more formal wear or “hung” items, vacuum seal plastic bags are also the most convenient and an adjustable shower curtain bar for hanging. Given that you cannot access the bar you can also place these items in the plastic containers. Remember to only seal clothes for short term storage.
Last but not the least, if you have ever worried about potential damage from mildew, musty odors and other debris, use cedar balls as a way to prevent all the unwanted dirt from spoiling your belongings.

Choose Storage Depot

With the various top tier storage facilities you can acquire through Storage Depot, you can guarantee that your clothes will be kept in a professional, clean, safe climate controlled storage unit.
Follow these tips on your next trip to The Storage Depot with your clothes and be happy knowing you’ve made the right choice.