Drive up storage
March 2, 2020



Whether it be Christmas break, summer break or even spring break, most college housing facilities and dormitories experience loads of movement from students moving in, out and around.

Most students either upgrade from their dorms to apartments or even houses. During this time when kids go home after moving out, the biggest concern to them is where to keep their belongings while they go home for vacation and have to wait until days before the new semester begins to move into their new abodes. This waiting period either means that most of their belongings are stuffed at a friend’s closet or hanging out in the car all summer long. With the help of Storage Depot’s multiple retail centers that will provide you with the proper storage units and supplies, this one stop shop’s full range of amenities will help you keep your belongings stay safe and sound during the mid- school year transition.


On average, most college students who will need somewhere to store their belongings for short periods of time as they transition to new homes will need a storage facility that does tie them down with long term contracts and miscellaneous fees that come with it.

This means that although most people in this market will only use the unit for a couple of months at a time at the longest, they would still end up having to pay for the remainder of the contract which usually lasts anywhere from six months to a full year.


With Storage Depot, rest assured that you can rent out a fully temperature controlled, convenient unit with no contracts or anything that will require you to commit for long periods of time. Whether it be two weeks or two months, contact any of the retail centers and you can surely find a unit that will fit your belongings that will save you loads of money you can instead use for your school supplies or late night study snacks!

In addition to being able to rent a storage unit without the without the worry of needing to use it for a set amount of time, Storage Depot also provides a wide variety of different units you can select from. If all you need to store is a few boxes containing clothes and other small parcels, Storage Depot can provide you with a small unit just the perfect size for a lower cost.


If you have more than a couple boxes and maybe need to store a bed, mini refrigerator and other bigger items,Storage Depot can also provide you with the most sufficient sized units for the job. The team will make sure that you have just what you need and are not paying a penny more for what you don’t. With climate controlled and fully sealed units, you can enjoy your summer, spring or winter breaks without having to worry about the condition and safety of your belongings. On top of that, if you and your friends are wanting to share a storage unit to maximize space and take a weaker hit to the wallet, simply partner- up, store your things and split the bill! With flexible move- in dates and payment options, the job cannot get any easier with the help of Storage Depot.


As school commences and you move into your new apartments, the team can also help you re-pack and transport whatever you may need to when the time comes. Remember to plan ahead in order to stay ahead of the game and assure yourself that things go smoothly when move- out day comes.

Contact any one of Storage Depot retail centers or visit the website to book a unit and enjoy your much needed school vacations!