Drive up storage
April 7, 2020

Preparing For the Move

The most common use for a storage unit is simply to use as a space to put everyday items. These items can range in size and most people tend to use their storage units for larger items to maximize the space they create at home. As simple as it may seem to rent out a storage unit and transport your goods- unless you consult a moving company or professional assistance, the job can get tricky with moving large items to and from the storage facility. Follow these tips and consult a team member at Storage Depot and avoid potential damage to your products and injury to yourself and wallet as you move your large items to storage.

Save time, make a list

Before you test your deadlift personal- best and try lifting the couch to move to the storage unit, you first want to make an inventory of all the items you are transporting to the facility. Creating a list of items will allow you to account for the square footage you need the unit to have. This will also allow you to calculate what kind of transportation you need and how many potential trips you have to make to the facility you choose. Making this list will save you potential costs and time- something we’d all like to see more often!

The process

After your inventory has been accounted for, you next want to prepare your large items for transportation. It is important to make sure these items are emptied out. Items such as couches and beds should be disassembled if possible. In addition, if you are moving items such as cabinets and portable closets, vanities, tables, and desks and other large items, empty out all drawers and compartments and break- down to smaller segments if possible. Disassembling and emptying these large items makes it much easier to lift and will prevent any kind of damage to lose smaller items that may have been placed inside. Prepare all the items sufficiently including wrapping items that need to be wrapped in a protective film and placing items in their respective boxes. Also, make sure all items are cleaned and sanitized as a build-up of mold or bacteria can cause damage to other items after long periods of storage.
Be safe

Finally, should you choose to do the job without professional help, it is important to practice safety first. Wear adequate clothing and protective gear. Keep in mind to practice safe lifting methods and measure out any doorways and passages to make sure that items can easily fit through. Furthermore, take advantage of tools and moving aids where possible. As many large items such as antique furniture can potentially be very expensive, using aids such as bubble wrap and foam beads for items placed in boxes can help with fragility. Partnering- up with a team member at Storage Depot will assure you that you have the appropriate professional assistance and guidance at the best rates! Follow these simple rules to any big move and maximize your storage unit!