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April 14, 2020

Selecting the right storage facility

Short term or long term?

As we navigate through our daily lives and try to keep up with the monthly overheads we are all responsible for such as car notes, mortgages, bills, and other miscellaneous transactions, it is all too easy to fall victim to a nonessential contract or agreement we cannot escape. The same applies to selecting a storage unit where more and more people find themselves rushing to find a place for temporary use only to find out that they are stuck in a long binding financial responsibility. Be sure to conduct the proper research and follow this guideline to finding the right storage provision for your personal needs.


Before you ask yourself what kind of units you need and how long you have to utilize them, it is essential to first thoroughly evaluate your inventory and purpose for storage. Those who find that they will only need to use the unit for a short period of time may conveniently opt for facilities with month- month storage options. It’s helpful to know how these fees are subject to change depending on certain factors like time of year and more. Renting a unit on a month-month basis allows the luxury of leaving at any time when needed or even extending for as long as desired. A potential pitfall in this type of rental is that if renters stay longer that’s anticipated, it can result in a larger overall amount paid as most facilities who operate on a contract basis only do so at discounted net prices.

Read your contract

On the other hand, if you evaluate that you will need the unit for a set period of time, a more efficient route to take would be to lease a unit. This will allow you to allot a home for your belongings without having to worry about changes in fees and will allow you to frugally budget out rent for the selected time frame. In addition to this, various facilities offer different incentives to those who agree to take advantage of their long- term storage unit leases. In some cases where people are required to relocate often, users are permitted to transfer units from one storage facility to another without worrying about breaking the contract.

Insurance Plans

Once you have evaluated what kind of storage plan best fits your needs, a vital step that most people forget is to research the different benefits each facility offers. Storage insurance is an important service most facilities offer on-site or through a third party company. For more valuable items, it is recommended that users utilize appropriate insurance plans. Furthermore, potential renters must also evaluate and understand the different stipulations that come with unforeseen problems such as nonpayment and abandonment before signing the agreement. Simple factors such as gate hours for facilities that do not operate 24/7 and potential early termination fees are seemingly unimportant factors that do harm when not properly understood prior to subscribing for a unit.

As we continue to grow and more and more of our belongings pile up, a need for a storage unit is almost inevitable at some point. With stockpiles of information that we process every day and with the plethora of different facilities available, and what they come with, it can be overwhelming to select the right storage unit for your belongings. Remember to contact the nearest Storage Depot location for more information and guidance through this daunting process.

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