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April 21, 2020

Cleaning Your Storage Unit

The importance of being clean

In a time wherein many if not all of us are concerned with cleanliness and sanitation in our surrounding environments, it is important to practice all the necessary precautions and procedures to assure that you are safe, clean, and healthy. From sprays to wipes and fluids, the many antibacterial agents we use to clean our household items and sanitize the living spaces vary from function to effectiveness. When cleaning certain areas or items, it is important that the appropriate materials are used – and the same applies when moving into a storage new unit or simply maintaining a current one, it is important to practice safety and cleanliness when possible. Storage Depot offers all the clients a clean and safe environment at all the participating facilities so make sure you team- up with a representative to get the best out of your experience this season.

The accumulation of dirt and debris

Although a typical storage unit does not experience much movement on a regular basis, dirt and unwanted agents tend to accumulate over time. These dirt particles vary from dust and debris to even mold in cases where guidelines are not followed. When cleaning out any storage unit the first step is to start from ground zero- this simply means taking out all the inventory to have easy access to all the floors. A basic sweep for any large particles is a great start to any clean. Make sure to sweep up all the dust and grime as well as to focus on the corners and sides of the unit where dirt is most likely to build-up. One good tip is to organize the items you take out in groups wherein they can be easily stored together to maximize space. Consider packing smaller items in boxes for safekeeping and easy tracking. Constructing an inventory list would also be an additional precaution to assure inventory integrity. Fortunately, this is the first and usually most rigorous part of the job.

Sweep, then mop

After the sweep is done, an important part of the process is to get a good, solid mop through the unit using a cleaning supply of your choice. To assure a firm clean, opt for antibacterial disinfectants or simply a small hit of bleach with water a tad bit of soap. Thoroughly mop up the floors and wait for them to dry up. Wiping down handles and commonly touched areas with disinfectant wipes or supplies of a similar kind would drastically decrease the transfer of bacteria and dirt. Remember that after mopping and wiping down areas, allow time to dry.

Make sure to disinfect

To prevent dirt from coming back in the unit, a good move would be to spray down applicable items with a disinfectant spray or wiping down items that can be so. A simple spray down would normally achieve the same effect as these items in storage are usually not touched for long periods of time. In addition, spray the area of the unit with air cleanser.

As we continue to evolve ways to stay clean and healthy, do not hesitate to research specific cleaning products that would be the most appropriate for your items. Furthermore, consider sourcing professional help if you feel like it would be a daunting and difficult task to clean out your unit- Storage Depot can be contacted on more advice regarding maintaining the cleanliness of the unit. Remember to regulate what items go in and out of the unit and maintain a well-organized area with your categorized items placed in their designated spaces. Follow these tips and go above and beyond to make sure you stay safe and sound during these unparalleled times ahead.