Drive up storage
April 28, 2020

Keeping your belonging safe

Don’t horde.

As times change and we continue to grow and consume goods and products, our inventory of personal belongings and knick-knacks continues to gradually grow as well. Once the basement or attic gets full, at some point most people opt to rent a storage unit to keep things organized at home and to have a safe and secure one-stop-shop for all their belongings. A frequent concern that many people may carry is linked to the safety of their belongings where they choose to store them. Storage Depot offers top tier storage facilities with access to the safest and most secure units to assure partners that they need not worry about their goods. Partner up with us and follow this short guideline in what fundamental safety features to look for in any storage lot.


The first thing most people see as they approach any storage facility is the size and layout of the structures and whether or not there is perimeter security. Before even inquiring about these amenities, a property without appropriate fencing and perimeter defense already falls inferior to those with proper borders that do not expose private units to the public. This does not only detract unwanted attention to your belongings but also makes it more difficult to maraud your belongings and get away.


In addition to a secure perimeter around the facility, another important factor to evaluate when searching for a proper storage facility is the type of surveillance and monitoring they offer. A simple CCTV camera system is what most businesses and facilities come equipped with. However, be on the lookout for added surveillance features that superior amenities provide such as motion- detection lighting within buildings, proper entry, and exit requirements such as key cards, IDs, unique passcodes more. These added safety features allow your belongings to remain safe even if a breach in one security feature occurs.


One major security feature that many unit renters forget to evaluate is the accessibility of units and their contents. Be sure to select a storage facility that allows renters to use their own set of locks and such. Some facilities that provide locks and keys makes it easier for other people to access your unit with malicious intent. Being able to use your personal locks and keys assures you that no one except yourself can have access to your personals. In cases where keypads with access codes replace the traditional lock and key, make sure that you can create your own codes and that you do not use pre-generated codes given to you.

Security over everything

Finally, as you tour potential storage properties look for small details that reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the facility. These include how well -lit all the areas of the building are, the amount of traffic that goes in and out, and even the hours in which you can enter. Remember that security surpasses pricing, distance and other factors as the main priority for all storage facilities is to keep your belongings safe. Therefore, most shoppers should be inclined towards facilities that prioritize this avenue.